Sunday, November 20, 2011

Occupy This

I agree with the a point. I agree that it's not fair for a handful of individuals to control most of the wealth in the world, while the majority of people barely get by--and some actually do without. But such is the way of the world under the system of man's governance. That some live in luxury while others live in abject poverty is not what God intended when He created man. Adam chose to rebel against God in the garden of Eden, and to rule himself--thereby bringing a curse upon both mankind and the earth, forfeiting dominion over the earth to the angelic rebel who had corrupted man for that purpose. Ultimately all who belong to God will live gloriously in sweet fellowship with God in the eternal New Jerusalem. Yet, for now, under the present world system, I would challenge anyone to cite an example of a country where there is no disparity in material wealth among its citizens--or to find a better place among them where the poor are taken better care of than they are in the U.S.

Yet, even those at the poverty level in this country--because of our society, live a pretty good life compared to the average person in most other countries. And most of those countries operate under the very type of socialistic system that America is now being steered toward--a fact lost on the radicals, unions and entitlement people who cheer on the "transformation" of America. The Capitalist system we live under, which the youth has been conditioned to despise, is actually the best one in the world. The American free enterprise, entrepreneur-driven economy we have is the very reason the US--only 200 years old--rose to become the most prosperous nation on earth, financially supporting countries thousands of years old.

But most now "occupying" in this country, don't think about that. They mindlessly buy into the revolution mentality, many blending their voices with the cacophony of calls to overthrow this country--giving no thought to what system will replace the current system. They have been ideologically seduced by revolutionary throwbacks like Francis Fox Pivens, who inspires them with the romantic notion of becoming heroes
who will help destroy an greedy, unjust government by collapsing it economically -- imploding it from within, and rebuilding it into a wonderful Socialist utopia, wherein the wealth will be redistributed fairly and equitably.

They do not understand that it's all an illusion, and that the noble "Robin Hood" redistribution cause they support is but a carrot on a stick -- which will disappear once the powers that be succeed in gaining complete control. Many among the more radical Marxist/socialist/communist element (including some among the occupiers) are but the same type of "useful idiots" that have been used repeatedly throughout history
to successfully transfer political power from one ruling body to another. We are now seeing the same idea of 'take the wealth from the rich, and divide it among the people' that has been successfully used numerous times to galvanize people into a revolutionary political movement--until the new power was firmly in control, and are no longer needed.

The dupes unwittingly calling for an end to their own safety, freedom and security are completely oblivious to the fact that this same strategy helped facilitate the French Revolution, the Russian revolution, the Chinese Revolution, the Cuban, and every other revolution in the world that has morphed into a communist country. These communist nations were built using the same tried and true formula being used in this country now: drive a wedge between the social classes, and promise the "have nots" an equal share of what the "haves" possess. Philosopher George Santyana famously said, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." And another way of saying that is, 'we reap the consequences of not learning from the mistakes of history.'

But most of the youth today do not know world history; they have been "dumbed down" by the public school system for the last two decades -- which is why the once-robust educational system in America is in decline compared to other countries. American kids today are programmed to believe that Capitalism is evil, and Socialism is good; that the practice of Christianity during school hours is wrong and unconstitutional, but the practice of Islam is not; that sexual "experimentation" is healthy, while traditional values are prudish and antiquated. One example of this type of perverse, selective programming is seen in the fact that kids are instructed on the finer points of "sexual diversity", yet many high school, and even college-age kids have only a vague idea of who Adolf Hitler was! (Does Hitler and the Holocaust no longer warrant a mention in history textbooks)?

Yet more foolish then the "free money" mentality of those who vainly seek a redistribution of national wealth by noisily taking to the streets, is their naive, short-sighted failure to recognize the hand of the detested "one percent" among those funding their protests. George Soros is a mufti-billionaire, and one of the architects of a border-less, global government, as envisioned by the richest, most powerful people on earth (those who meet regularly at the famous, secretive, Bilderberg meetings). Soros and his friends--who fund dozens of networked organizations dedicated to transforming America into a component  of the the machinery of global governance--are the "one percent." Evidence has surfaced linking some funding of the Occupation movement to organizations that are funded by Soros and his associates--whose holdings encompass the aggregate wealth of the entire world. If that isn't the one percent, what is?

The slovenly Michael Moore, likewise, who makes propaganda films demonizing America, Capitalism and "the rich," is worth an estimated 50 million dollars--meaning he has become filthy rich by means of the very Capitalist system he so vilifies. His trademark baseball cap is a prop intended to make him appear a "regular Joe," which seems to work with most of the young people. For many, however, cheering on the protests against the greedy, rich "fat cats" seems both incongruous--and hypocritical when an individual is as rich and fat as Michael Moore. Moreover, it's hard to take accusations of "greed" seriously when they're coming from someone one who eats enough food for three people.

Those participating in the occupation protests, and those who are cheering them on would do well to ask themselves two questions:

1. Why is the one percent channeling funds and support to help campaign against the one percent?

2. Why don't the super-rich--since they are so emotionally invested in fairly spreading the wealth around--lead by example? Someone with billions could reasonably live off a few million. I know I could probably squeak by on that, couldn't you?

The answer to the first question is: because they know that once the US economy collapses and is assimilated into the global government as they want, they will still be among the ruling elite, and living in the lap of luxury. They know that they have the people barking up the wrong tree, and that they are focused on the puppets instead of the puppeteers. While these mufti-billionaires who sit hidden behind the stage, pulling the strings, most people have come to despise any millionaire who owns a business--never considering that it is they who provide the rapidly diminishing jobs in the private sector--which is being taxed and regulated into oblivion.

The answer to the second question should be obvious: those who call for sharing the wealth aren't talking about their wealth. There's an old Russian proverb that goes: "a full stomach loves to preach about fasting." Anyone who is paying any attention to what's going on will notice that nearly everyone preaching about the redistribution of wealth is wealthy. The supporters who are not, have a vested interest in the context of their financial future; whether it's the "something for nothing" demands of the entitlement crowd, or the comfortable retirement promised to the deceived labor unions. (Do the math, and the promises to the next generation of workers are going to evaporate).

To the extent that the Lord permits, Satan sits as the god of this world today, largely by means of the world's richest and most powerful people. Just as they are pawns of Satan, the occupiers--and the other people around the world who are currently rising up against their governments, are their pawns--responding to a manufactured global crisis that will ultimately unite the world into a neat little socialist package for the convenience of the Devil--a throne of world power from which his future proxy will reign for a brief but horrific period.

The point is, the current events around us are but a few links in a chain that will ultimately shackle and enslave the world. Yet this is but a brief interlude that will culminate in the gathering together of God's children--both the quick and the dead, at the blessed return of Jesus Christ to fully redeem man and the earth, consign the Devil and his minions to their appointed destiny, and establish His glorious, everlasting kingdom on earth. Until then, we must accept the imperfections of an imperfect world.

So, we should take advantage of the privilege we have as citizens in a free republic (while it still is free) to change what can be changed through the power of the ballot. But we need to recognize where we are both in the will of God, and the timeline of prophecy--and to count our blessings instead of futilely seeking a pipe dream redistribution of wealth by filling the streets with disorder and violence, blindly playing into the hands of those who would like nothing better than an excuse to clamp down and seize control, and so expand their powers as they seek to unify all nations into a global empire.